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Children’s Vision

Did you know that, according to Optometry Australia, one in five children has an undetected vision problem?

This problem may be impeding their progress at school and in social situations. Most adults can easily identify when something is wrong with their vision however children may just accept that their sight is normal and everyone is seeing the world the same way.

Without the correct diagnosis of vision problems in children – they may live with the problem for years and never complain.

The team at Rachel Cauchi Optometrists aims to offer a friendly and inviting environment for children that have their vision tested. We are able to test children of all ages (from six months) and we have a close working relationship with ophthalmologists in the Townsville and Cairns.

A Parent’s Guide to Good Vision

Good vision is important for your child’s educational, physical and social development and to help them reach their full learning potential. If you are concerned about the vision of your child, download the guide below for more information.

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